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What We Did


Support services that assist people
to live at home, not institutions

Number of participants 150

Expanded Residential Services with the purchase of two new Easterseals homes in Pasadena to support people with complex needs who are moving out of institutional settings.

Coordinated Life Services expanded to serve South Los Angeles and increased services in the San Gabriel Valley including parts of LA, Glendale and Pasadena.

Upgraded multiple existing Easterseals Residential Services homes to further increase accessibility.

Why We Did It

Gary was living with his mom when she passed away in 2015. His sister Susan was unsure of how she could help him live independently in the home he inherited following their mother’s death. A regional center referral to Easterseals was the key to the support they needed.

“When Easterseals came on board, the staff was essential in teaching Gary how to have a life in and outside the house,” said Susan. Gary’s Life Skills Coaches helped him with food preparation, how to use public transportation, shopping, and outings for entertainment such as museums, the zoo, and Santa Monica Pier. “Because of Easterseals, Gary was able to live on his own in the house he inherited.”

Susan was approached by Easterseals with the idea of Gary living with a roommate, another Living Options participant, Aaron. Aaron had also lost his parents in the last few years and happened to be around the same age as Gary. Due to a rent increase, Aaron was on the verge of eviction. Susan agreed to a couple of meet-ups. Gary and Aaron quickly proved to be a good fit.

“Easterseals has been a blessing, they have given Gary a life outside the house that helps him get involved in the community.”