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What We Did

Several participants in the Easterseals Southern California Adult Day Services programs pose for a group photo


Work, Daily Living and Social Skills

Number of participants 1,619

Person Centered Culture Change effort launched to ensure services are driven by a participant’s individual choice, preference and support requirements while providing staff with the tools needed for increased effectiveness in their support roles.

Proactive efforts to educate participants and other stakeholders to advocate for themselves to influence policy makers on core funding and resource issues that impact their lives.

Successfully provided a variety of service models that meet the needs of people across an age span ranging from high school to seniors including behavioral support, college support, therapeutic and senior services.

Why We Did It

Confident, active and engaged is how Rosa describes herself today – a huge difference from how she was five years ago when she first began participating with our Adult Day Service. “I was in a program where we were in a building all day. I asked my mom to find me something that let me get out into the community,” Rosa said.

As a result, Rosa came to Easterseals and worked with the day service team to set goals for herself. “Rosa blossomed when she came to Easterseals. She was very shy,” Director Cynthia Fernandez said. “She let us know that she wanted to be able to speak up for herself. She set a self-advocacy goal and we’ve supported her to become a leader in our participant led Advocacy Group.”

In addition to advocating for herself and others on topics ranging from accessible transportation to community safety, Rosa also wanted to vote. She registered for the first time and voted in 2016 and educated her peers to do so as well. Through the Adult Day Service Rosa volunteers regularly at a food bank and with other organizations to explore different vocational interests. She also has a lively social life that includes close friendships she’s made with some of her fellow participants.